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Joyeuses fêtes à tout le monde... tout le Monde.

From: Charles Kernaghan <>
Subject: Give Today. Double Your Impact.
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 14:08:35 -0500 (EST)

Give today. Double your impact. Your first-time donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100 throughout January 15, 2015. Donate Now » [ … llorg=True ]

Dear Friend:

For the last 30 years, our work and mission have been to improve the lives of millions of marginalized workers across the developing world, who are barely surviving from hand to mouth.

Some of you may know that I am not shy when it comes to confronting the likes of Wal-Mart's CEO, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sean Combs, the NFL, Apple or the many other celebrities and famous brands whose clothing and electronics we have found in miserable sweatshop factories.

Our goal is to wipe out human trafficking, child labor and worker abuse, and to empower workers to seize their legal rights.  We have worked in Central America, Bangladesh, Jordan, China, Mexico, India and many other countries.

I want to talk about Bangladesh.  For over 30 years, young women garment workers-and many children-were forced to toil grueling 100-hour workweeks, earning just 13 cents an hour while living in miserable hovels.

As of mid-2014, those days are over!  At least for 60,000 workers at Next Collections, the Ha-Meem Group and the Windy Group, who have won their legal rights.  Workers now toil an eight-hour day, six days a week and can volunteer for two hours of overtime for a workweek of 60 hours.  Senior workers earn 42 cents an hour, and 84 cents for overtime.  The Institute has close ties with the garment workers, and for the first time, major labels including GAP, Old Navy, The Children's Place and H&M are also on board.

These 60,000 workers have changed Bangladesh. [ … bangladesh ] The rule of law is finally being implemented!

For example, the CEO of H&M in Sweden, Karl-Johan Persson, recently travelled to Bangladesh to discuss "compliance issues with the garment suppliers in Bangladesh."  In fact, H&M contracts garment production to 250 factories in Bangladesh-which means that hundreds of thousands of workers now have the potential to win their rights.

*The garment workers in Bangladesh just may have a chance to live decent lives!  The Institute and our terrific staff in Bangladesh will never back off.  We are in this for the long haul.*

As I write, the Institute is in the process of releasing *a major new report [ … r-in-china ] on China, "Exhaustion Has No Limit at Apple Supplier in China [ … r-in-china ]."*  The Zhen Ding Technology factory in Shenzhen produces printed circuit boards for Apple's hugely popular *iPhone 6* and for other products such as *Amazon Kindle* and Apple's iPod and Mac.

The new report, based on rare testimony and photos smuggled out of the factory by brave Chinese workers, will be released in late December.

Workers told our researchers:  *"It's a miserable life."*  The work is mind-numbing.  Chinese workers assembling flexible printed circuit boards for Apple must complete 25 operations per minute, nonstop, 1,500 of the same operations per hour, and 15,000 during their 10-hour shift!

*Apple could play a very positive role, with its tremendous wealth and power, to nudge the Zhen Ding factory toward affording its workers their freedom of association, the right to organize, to join an independent union and to bargain collectively.*

Finally, we desperately need your help.  Human trafficking has returned to Jordan [ … -to-jordan ]-and the U.S. State Department has dropped the ball.  Some 2,700 guest workers from China, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have been* stripped of their passports *at the Century Group factories in the Al-Hassan Industrial Park in Irbid, Jordan.

The workers are forced to toil 107 to 110 hours each week.  They are housed in filthy, bed-bug infested dorms.

The major label in the Century factories is "*Ralph Lauren*."  (Ralph Lauren Enterprises is worth $8.2 billion!)  The guest workers earn just 53 cents an hour.

*I desperately need to ask for your help! [ … llorg=True ] * Without sufficient funding, the Institute will not be able to accompany and support workers across Bangladesh, China and Jordan, and in other countries where workers are denied their rights.

Certes ce n'est pas une associations Française, mais on y apprend des choses qu'on trouve très rarement dans la presse médiacratique, des histoires de vrais gens bien caché derrière le vernis flambant des campagnes de com et des discours "d'experts" (aurais-je fait un pléonasme ?).

Joyeuses fêtes.

Le casseur d'ambiance du jour.

« la France d'en bas manque peut-être de hauteur mais la France d'en haut ne manque jamais de bassesse... »
    Georges Coulonges

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