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#1 21-08-2016 12:04:59

Distrib. : Librazik
Noyau : Linux 4.7.0-0.bpo.1-amd64
(G)UI : mate
Inscription : 25-03-2016

[RESOLU] comment changer la page d'accueil de DILLO ?

Bonjour je suis allé dans /etc/dillo/dillorc en root pour éditer la network seccion mais j'ai toujours en page d'accueil (????)))


#                            NETWORK SECTION

# Set the start page.
# start_page="about:blank"
# start_page="file:/home/jcid/custom_page.html"

# Set the home location
# home="file:/home/jcid/HomePage/Home.html"

# Set the URLs used by the web search dialog.
# "%s" is replaced with the search keywords separated by '+'.
# Format: search_url="[prefix ][<label> ]<url>"
# You can enable multiple search_url strings at once and select from among
# them at runtime, with the first being the default.
# (the prefix serves to search from the Location Bar. e.g. "dd dillo image")
search_url="dd DuckDuckGo"
search_url="Free Dictionary"

# If set, dillo will ask web servers to send pages in this language.
# This setting does NOT change dillo's user interface.
# Format explained:
# Language-REGION values:
# (by default, no Accept-Language header is sent)
# http_language="de"
# http_language="pt-BR"
# http_language="en-US,en;q=0.5"

# Maximum number of simultaneous TCP connections to a single server or proxy.
# http_max_conns=6

# Set the proxy information for http.
# Note that the http_proxy environment variable overrides this setting.
# WARNING: FTP and downloads plugins use wget. To use a proxy with them,
#          you will need to configure wget accordingly. See
# http_proxy="http://localhost:8080/"
#(by default, no proxy is used)

# If you need to provide a  user/password pair for the proxy,
# set the proxy user name here and Dillo will ask for the password later.
# http_proxyuser="joe"
#(by default, no proxy is used)

# Set the domains to access without proxy
# no_proxy = ""

# Set the HTTP Referer (sic) header.
# Note that there is no option to reveal the page that you came from because it
# would endanger your privacy. 'host' and 'path' allow you to pretend that the
# link you followed was on the same site that you're going to.
# none  : Don't send any Referer header at all.
# host  : Send the requested URI's hostname.
# path  : Send the requested URI's host and path.

# Set the HTTP User-Agent header.
# This can be useful for privacy and for working around servers who think
# Dillo is less capable than it really is. However, if you pretend to use a
# different browser, servers may send you pages that work with the features
# and bugs of that other browser -- or even disallow access in cases like
# wget or googlebot. Remember this before submitting bug reports.
# See for a compilation of strings.
# http_user_agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:28.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/28.0"
# http_user_agent="Wget/1.13.4 (linux-gnu)"
#The default is "Dillo/"+current_version_number

merci pour aide précieuse. Je suis débutant. Si vous connaissez un navigateur rapide en graphique . Je suis preneur.

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#2 21-08-2016 12:13:40

Inscription : 20-08-2016

Re : [RESOLU] comment changer la page d'accueil de DILLO ?

Hello, lorsque je navigue sur ton lien, j'ai une indication https certificat non sécurisé puis arrive sur

./configure --enable-ssl

Recompiler, réinstaller.

calixtus06 a écrit :

Si vous connaissez un navigateur rapide en graphique . Je suis preneur.

Iceweasel Antix mais je n'ai jamais testé.


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#3 21-08-2016 16:05:38

Distrib. : Librazik
Noyau : Linux 4.7.0-0.bpo.1-amd64
(G)UI : mate
Inscription : 25-03-2016

Re : [RESOLU] comment changer la page d'accueil de DILLO ?

J'ai fini par trouver . Il faut "simplement" passer par home/ nom d'utilisateur/ dillo/dillorc mais avec le signe ~ ( dont je ne me souviens pas la signification ) et là ça fonctionne . avec un ctrl + h pour les fichiers cachés .

Par contre impossible d'aller sur mon compte debian facile ( ???) impossible de m'identifier

comprends pas

autre chose iceweasel 12 secondes; dillo 2 secondes, midori 6 secondes et chromium 9 secondes , palemoon 11 secondes au démarrage

merci à toi

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