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Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

Shortly after getting the first American ping pong player to advance beyond the preliminaries in the Olympics four decades back, Gao Jun returned to her native China.
Although overseas athletes in many different sports come to U.S. beaches to improve their practice, Gao saw the benefits of a reverse movement in a sport still gaining a foothold here internationally. As a result, the Shanghai resident gets a chance to make more Olympic history next month to the USA.
The No. 3-ranked participant on earth for China before committing to the USA in 1993, the 35-year-old Gao is the first American to enter the Olympics as a legitimate medal contender.

"She has a 50-50 chance," states Doru Gheorghe, executive director of USA Ping pong and trainer of the U.S. women's team. "It depends a good deal on the attraction...

"It is really Difficult to beat the Chinese at the Olympics. She ought to be able to beat anyone else"
Competing for China, Gao won the world championship in doubles in 1991 and took the silver medal at the exact same event from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
After several years away from global competition following her marriage to an American, she has worked her way back to the very best levels of the game and is ranked 16th in the world.


She came back to the USA in late June to compete at the Killerspin U.S. Open in Chicago but had been forced to withdraw after suffering a knee injury following a spider in a hotel accident. The injury is not believed to be serious, so she returned to China and will rejoin her teammates Aug. 5 at Athens.
A product of this intense Chinese sports program, Gao lived and trained together with the national group in Beijing for eight years as she transferred the international rankings.

She had been introduced into American Frank Chang in 1992 in a championship in Las Vegas, her first trip to the USA. They had been married in a year later, and Gao left her international career supporting.

"At the moment, I was sort of tired with ping pong," she states.

She moved with him to Gaithersburg, Md., and settled there, finally working at a photo shop.

"He didn't talk any English with me, only Chinese," she recalls of Chang, a computer engineer who was born in Taiwan and moved to the USA as a teenager. "Initially, for a few years, I couldn't speak any English."

In 1995, China and the USA requested her to return to contest, though her final international event was the worlds in 1993, when she helped China win the team competition.

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"I wanted to play, but I did not know which one I must represent," she states, fearing if she played with for a single national group, another would be miffed. "I chose to not play."

When she became a U.S. citizen in the end of 1997, USA Ping pong came calling. This time Gao agreed to play with. She readily dominated the national contests, winning seven successive U.S. championships in singles and doubles and also a singles gold at the 1999 Pan Am Games.

Minus the extreme training and top-quality competition in training, she couldn't recover her global standing.

She won her first-round match in the Sydney Olympics -- a first for a U.S. ping pong player -- but has been defeated in the second round. After the Olympics, her husband took a job in China and she accepted a scholarship to East China University of Science and Technology, where she is studying economic trade and playing for the college team.

"It's helped her training, to have Chinese spouses daily," Gheorghe says. "She's more time to exercise than here from the U.S. ... She does not have to operate eight hours every day."


She and Chang were divorced in 2002, and Gao is uncertain if she'll go back to the USA following the Games. Her family is in China, "but when I can find a fantastic job in the U.S., I'd love to keep here," she states.

For the time being, she's back to the USA only a couple of times a year for ping pong events. Because she has little chance to train her doubles partner, Tawny Banh, Gao figures her best chance for a medal in Athens will be in singles.

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She states she wants to medal in the Games more for her new country than herself. If I could win a medal, perhaps more people will be interested in this game (from the USA). It would mean more for my new nation," she says. "I've a trophy, so to me it is no significant difference."

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Re : Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

Salut davestephans et bienvenue sur df !

Ne te gêne de rien pour intervenir sur le forum.
Je te souhaite un bô séjour au pays libre de debian parmi les fous-faciles de ce site.

Amitié, Joel smile

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Re : Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

Bonjour et bienvenue sur DF wink

Je te souhaite une bonne aventure sous Debian... Il y a plein de gens compétents sur ce site, mais il faut être le plus précis possible dans la façon de décrire les problèmes que tu rencontre. L'aide qui te sera fournie en retour n'en sera que de meilleure qualité.
A ce propos, et sans vouloir te commander, il serait judicieux de renseigner ton profil afin que ta configuration soit affichée en permanence, ce qui aide beaucoup les gens désireux de t'aider.
Sur ce bon voyage dans le monde du libre... big_smile

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Re : Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

La Belgique ? c'est où ça la Belgique une fois.

ouelle comme tongue

Tu fréquente le BXLUG ?


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Re : Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

Bonjour et Bienvenue sur DF
heu l'autre hey...fou toi même woohoo.gif

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Re : Un pti coucou de la belgique, les fous

Voila, du sérieux, dans la joie et la bonne humeur old_geek.gif

Bienvenue parmi nous !....

pufff plus que 40 ans à faire la fête

Comment l'interpréter  ?  Excès d'optimisme ?

Aller, disons 40 ans pour approfondir Debian et là t'es bien parti ....  debian.png

Très bon séjour chez les "fans" de Debian, parce qu'elle le vaut bien !... 

Cordialement .....gnulinux.png

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