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Heroes of Might and Magic 4

This article is not kept up to date anymore.
Go to the Heroes of Might and Magic 4 page on ./ wiki for the latest version of this guide.

version sold on GOG

The game installed via these scripts will use WINE.


1. Download the scripts, and put them in the directory containing the installer:


2. Install the scripts dependencies:

apt-get install icoutils innoextract fakeroot

3. Run the script:

sh ./

4. Wait a couple minutes, The script will end by giving you the commands to launch as root to install the game.

Advanced usage

This script accept several options to set its behaviour. Follow the links to more details on how to use them.

Play in a window

Like a lot of Windows games published before the 16:9/16:10 screens became “the norm”, Heroes of Might and Magic 4 display can get messed up on these. The following method will give you a way to run the game in a window to avoid this.

1. Run the following command to get acces to the configuration screen for the Heroes of Might and Magic 4 WINE prefix:


2. In the configuration window, go on the “Graphics” tab;

3. Check “Emulate a virtual desktop”, and put your desktop resolution in the “Desktop size” fields;

4. Close the window with “OK”.

5. Done, from the next launch Heroes of Might and Magic 4 will run in a window that will automatically scale to its resolution. You can go back to fullscreen mode at any time by running the WINE configuration screen and uncheck “Emulate a virtual desktop”.

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